August 2022 – Home of the Month

Our August 2022 Home of the Month is located at 4028 West 73rd Street.

Homeowner Tamara Luce says “I have not only lived in my Prairie Village Home for 37 years, but I also grew up in Prairie Village. I raised my three children in this home and now three of my grandchildren help maintain the gardens regularly! Dylan is the Lawn Master, Weston is the Lover of God’s Great Earth, and Breanna is the Tomato Princess! I’ve touched every part of my home and yard with my blood, sweat, tears, heart, and soul – gardening is one of my loves. I have delighted in adding flagstone walkways and smaller unique trees (like Coral Bark Japanese Maple, fiery October Glory Maple, Fringe Tree, Kousa Dogwood, and Gingko Biloba). Hosta gardens, butterfly habitats, and evergreens embellish the foundation and perimeter of my home. For me, creating art in the yard is therapeutic as well as offering outdoor hospitality that greets my family and friends. I love daily walks around the perimeter to both experience the satisfaction of my work and consider next steps! Though many new homes are being built, I appreciate that the older culture is still preserved and valued, where the land is worked by the owner and exemplifies individual character. Prairie Village has been home for so long that I am set in the ever-changing mold. It is life and it is lively!”