September, 2020 – Home of the Month

Our September Home of the Month is the Trenkle Home.

The Home of the Month for September is 4319 West 69th Street.

The Trenkle’s have lived in Prairie Village for over 17 years.

Brad and Katie moved here from Nebraska for Brad’s job.  Brad grew up in a smaller town in Nebraska, while Katie was raised in a larger city.  Brad really missed the feeling of his small town, so a friend suggested that the couple check out Prairie Village.  The Trenkle’s fell in love with the tree-lined streets, the neighbors talking in their driveways, and the walkability.  They especially loved being able to walk to the grocery store.  What a treat to live in a small town within a larger city!

The neighbors became like family over the years, so when the decision was made to build a new home, the clear preference for location was Prairie Village. The goal was re-build in a way that complimented the existing neighborhood.  Scale was a critical factor, a house that was proportioned appropriately to fit the lot.  The design also aimed to flow with the existing fabric of the neighborhood, as opposed to creating a new language.

Well their efforts bore fruit and The Trenkle House has the prestigious honor of being the PV HOA’s first new build awarded Home of the Month!