November, 2018 – Home of the Month

Our November Home of the Month is 4312 W 74th Street.

November, 2018 – Home of the Month

The November Home of the Month belongs to Marion Chapman-Nass. Here are her thoughts on living in Prairie Village:

“I chose P.V. 11 years ago when my twins were starting their freshmen year of high school at SME. My daughter was on drill team for 4 years and my son played basketball for 4 years, so being close to their school and having them close by was wonderful especially before they could drive. I have a cat Sugar and my 3rd Bernese Mountain Dog Maisie since I’ve been here. Probably my favorite thing about P.V. are my neighbors. They are mostly young couples just starting out with young families which keeps the neighborhood young and fresh. At my previous home where my kids were born, I had an acre back yard and could barely see my neighbors which was actually nice being nestled in my own space. I wasn’t sure how I would feel having everyone so close in PV, but after a short time it gave me peace of mind having my awesome neighbors so close. I’m going into my 11th year at this location and have loved every minute.”